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W3wp process High CPU utilization

Exchange 2010 w3wp process High CPU utilization

Getting alerts in SCOM “Application Pool worker process is unresponsive”

When we link Exchange server with SCOM or SCCM we might see certain alerts like “Application Pool worker process is unresponsive” or “Exchange 2010 w3wp process High CPU utilization”

On our CAS servers w3wp process is taking too much CPU resources


1: Open the Task Manager on the Sever.

2: You will find the Popup box opened, and click on View tab as shown below



3: Click Tab View in the drop down you will find “Select Columns”, click on Select Column as shown below.



Post you click you can see the “Select Process Page Column as shown below, in this “Command Line” will be unchecked. So we have to check this box -> Click Ok




Now see which pool is taking the lot of resources, so you will find active sync pool.



Now let’ to the point, it’s a bug in calendar implementation of IOS 6.1 devices(iphone/Ipads).

You can check by running the script provided by Exchange team to find out which devices are hitting hard on your servers.

below are the links that can be referred:


Result would be like :-


Permanent resolution is IOS…..

But for now we have created the new throttling policy –>  restricted the below parameters to 30 and applied it to users that have hits more than 1500.

EASPercentTimeInAD : 30

EASPercentTimeInCAS : 30

EASPercentTimeInMailboxRPC : 30



Creating Throttling policy

New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name iOS61users -EASPercentTimeInCAS 30 -EASPercentTimeInAD 30 -EASPercentTimeInMailboxRPC 30

Apply Throttling policy

Get-Mailbox “LAB\Praveeneppili” | Set-Mailbox –ThrottlingPolicy “iOS71users”

These threshold settings can be different based on the environment.


Praveen Kumar

MCTS |Exchange Server

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