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Creating Windows Failover Cluster in Windows 2008 r2

 Creating Windows Failover Cluster in Windows 2008 r2

Today let’s see how we prepare Cluster for a two node failover cluster in windows 2008 Server.


In this we can also see Cluster Validation & Creating. Cluster Validation tool is a wizard found on Failover Cluster Management Console. Following are the tests that are carried out when you perform cluster Validation Tool

  1. System Configuration
  2. Storage Validation
  3. Network Validation
  4. Inventory Validation


But here in this blog we we’ll see the Validation and Creating Cluster, so let’s begin

First we need to go to administrative tools and then open Failover Cluster Management Console


After selecting Failover Cluster Management option, it will open Failover Cluster Management Console

Before jumping in we three things to perform as shown below:

  1. Validate a Configuration
  2. Create Cluster
  3. Manage a Cluster

We’ll talk about validating and creating cluster in this blog :

Validation :

When you click on Validate a Configuration, you will need to browse and add the Cluster nodes as shown below, these are the servers that will be part of the cluster, then click Next


Choose to Run all tests and click Next



The available tests will be displayed in the confirmation window, click Next to begin validating your cluster




Review the validation report, as your configuration might have few issues with it and needs to be addresses before setting up your cluster.


Now that the configuration is validated and you are ready to setup your cluster. Click on the second option, Create a Cluster, the wizard will launch, read it and then click Next



You need to add the names of the servers you want to have in the cluster. You can start creating your cluster with a single server and then add other nodes in the future, but I’m going with adding 2 nodes at same time.


Browse to your servers and then once all the servers ( nodes ) are listed, click Next

In this first screen provides us with a description relating to Create Cluster wizard.

Next we need to add what are the NODEs which we need to validate.

Possible errors while adding: Unable to add Server make sure your computer is selected as shown below

I will add my Cluster NODE01 and Cluster NODE02



After I select both NODEs, it gets added to my Cluster validation wizard as shown below


After the servers are selected, you need to type a name and IP for your Cluster



While Confirmation review your settings. The following will be displayed like below : cluster name and IP address, selected servers name. If all info is proper, then click Next.

Else click Previous and correct which setting needs to be adjusted.


After you click Next, creating the cluster will begin.

The summary windows will be displayed after a successful setup of the cluster.



Once this is completed, it’s possible for us to view a report if required.

We can open this report as a web page to see the results for any failure and warnings.

Open Failover Cluster Manager and you will see your nodes and setting inside the MMC, and the status should as UP.

Here you can configure your cluster, add new nodes, remove nodes, add more disk storage and so on.


Note:  You can also use the Failover Clustering Windows PowerShell command, Test-Cluster, to validate your cluster.


For Verification:

Navigate to C:\Windows\Cluster\Reports directory and open the Validation Report .MHT file

Review any tests that report as Failed or Warning.

For More Info :

 Praveen Kumar

MCSA, MCSE | Window Server

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