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Troubleshooting Exchange Databases with Eseutil


ESEUTIL is an Exchange database utility located in the \bin directory of Exchange server. A number of switches are possible with ESEUTIL:

ESEUTIL /mh – Performs the health check of the Database.

ESEUTIL /ml – Performs the health of all the log files in the location.

ESEUTIL /D – Used for offline defragmentation of a Database

ESEUTIL /R – Used for Soft – recovery purposes of a Database

ESEUTIL /g – Performs an integrity check  of a Database

ESEUTIL /k – Performs a checksum test of a Database

ESEUTIL /p – Repairs a Database when it’s corrupt (and beyond recovery)

ESEUTIL /m – can dump header information of a Database and Log Files

ESEUTIL /y – can copy large files like Mailbox Database files efficiently

ESEUTIL /c – Is used to ‘hard recover’ a database during an online backup

ESEUTIL /a ( New Switch for Exchange 2010 ) LLR (Lost log resilience) replays logs.

Optional command-line switches with the /C switch: ESEUTIL /CC ESEUTIL /CM ESEUTIL /CC /T

To perform hard recovery run: ESEUTIL /CCTo view the Restore.env file run: ESEUTIL /CMTo replay the transaction logs in the Restore.env run: ESEUTIL /CC /T

Eseutil/k confirms the data integrity of pages in the Exchange database.ESEUTIL /K <filename>

Perform integrity checkRun Isinteg –s {Exchange Server name}-fix-test all tests forchecking integrity of repaired EDB databases.Run the Isinteg command line till no errors are reported on theServer

Run Isinteg -s

For more information & Reference for Common Eseutil Errors:

Happy Learning !!

Praveen Kumar

MCTS | Exchagne Server


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