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Hyper-V “Could not initialize” on windows 2008 r2

Hyper-V “Could not initialize” on windows 2008 r2


Hyper – An error occurred while attempting to start the selected virtual machine (s). ‘VM’ could not initialize.


Hyper-v Initialize1


Checked the permissions if this could be with Full Control permissions under Task Manager.


If permissions missing then you can follow the below article:


Checked and found both System and Administrators has Full Control Permissions.


Now this time I have jumped in Event Viewer and found two Events


Hyper-v Initialize3


Confirmed that there are few update missing, found that there is hot fix by released by Microsoft



Download and Install below Hotfix to fix this issue.


Installed the Hot fix


Hyper-v Initialize4


Restarted the machine.


Hyper-v Initialize5


Started the VM Machine.

Hyper-v Initialize6


Great it got started and working……. 🙂

Ready for Installing OS



Praveen Kumar

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